Conchita Wurst or: The ignorance of some people

Why does “Conchita Wurst” exist?

In fact the background story of Conchita Wurst existence is quite interesting.

“Conchita” was the name given to Tom Neuwirth by his latin american friend.
And “Wurst” is from the German idiom “Das ist mir Wurst” (I don’t care about it).

He created this fictional character after getting bullied in his childhood for being homosexual, in order to make people think about others who are different.
He wants them to accept others for who they are.

Does he want to be a woman? – This is of no importance.

He is art in a special way and he creates talks between people. And many conversations show how ignorant some are towards the unknown.

If you got bullied before in your life you know how it feels.
Actually I was called gay in school without being one. Kids can be mean and defensive words sometimes even push them.
I don’t know how people feel that are actually gay and can’t do anything against their feelings. But it has to be horrible..

I think his (for some people “gross”) appearance is the best way to stand in for his message.

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